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The passion for Bass Fishing was born more than ten years ago and since I discovered this fantastic technique I did not leave it anymore. This fishing techniques usually involves catch & release and the exclusive use of artificial bait. The Largemouth Bass is a fantastic predator that can transmit you unique emotions, its behavior, its habits, its unpredictability, make it unique; originally from the great lakes of North America, which comes up to Florida in the south and up to Texas in the west, it is now prevalent in the United States of America, in Japan, in South Africa and in southern Europe. Predator of freshwater much sought after by fishermen who practice spinning and baitcasting.


Dedicating myself completely to Bass Fishing, over the years I have learned to observe many aspects in relation to the habits of the Bass as the seasons and weather conditions change; furthermore, I have further enriched my knowledge by fishing in different places and above all taking a cue from the advice made available by the best Italian and international anglers. I quote on everything Luca Quintavalla who was the first in Italy to bring to the highest levels what is today the modern bass fishing, sharing, with us fishermen, every single detail through his videos and his articles that you find on the web. Moreover, with him, I was fortunate to get in touch directly, already for many years, through social networks.


For about a year I decided to share this passion with a very large community of mostly American fishermen. Through Instagram I can share, in a few minutes, catches, places, tips and much more; I find it an excellent means that allows you to deal with fishermen from around the world. It is a pleasure to be able to give my contribution.


first name: Gianpiero

last name: D'Alberto

birth date: May 27, 1990

city of birth: Pescara (Italy)

height: 5,8 in (174cm)
weight: 160 lbs (72kg)

occupation: IT Consultant

favorite techniques: Topwater, Baitfinesse

favorite lakes: Casamarte, Leandro, Albano

favorite anglers: Brandon Palaniuk, Gerald Swindle, Luca Quintavalla, Mike Iaconelli

hobbies: Soccer, Motors, IT

About Me

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