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The largemouth bass is a very aggressive predator, active mainly in the warmer seasons. It lives and reproduces in very slow water flows like lakes, ponds, canals, small inlets or large rivers.


It prefers to park and hunt generally near the cover or shadow areas, such as reeds, waterlilies, stony, aquatic vegetation, obstacles and submerged trees.

The techniques and the baits to capture it vary mainly according to the seasons and weather conditions. On this page you will find valuable tips that I summarized in small illustrations.


Will come soon useful tips also regarding the choice of rods, reels and lines to be used for the various techniques of bass fishing! Stay up to date following the social profiles, find the links below.


Basics Collection.

Terminal Tackles
Fishing Bag
Rod & Reel
On The Water 1
On The Water 2


Below you will find some images that show you the most used rigs for bass fishing with the use of softbaits.
The latter, unlike hardbaits, allow us to penetrate the thickest covers without the risk of stranding on obstacles.

Weightless Rig
Texas Rig
Carolina Rig
Split Shot Rig
Wacky Rig
Drop Shot Rig
Ned Rig
Neko Rig
Jika Rig
Jig Ball Rig
Jig Head Rig
Jig & Pig Rig
Shaky Head Rig
Tokyo Rig
Umbrella Rig
Free Rig
Sasuteki Rig
Mojo Rig
Flick Shake Rig

bait for season

Here are a series of graphs, one for each season, which will help you choose the most suitable bait depending on the water temperature and the color of the water; fundamental aspects that strongly influence the predatory activity of the Bass.

Spring Bait Selection
Summer Bait Selection
Autumn Bait Selection
Winter Bait Selection

add here your best bass fishing tips or ask me for information

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