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2017 - 2018

The project was born in the spring of 2017, precisely on May 8, the Instagram page creation date. In that historical period I didn't particularly like social networks, I often opened them out of boredom or in any case without a real purpose. The spark was born when I really began to understand the power of social networks in terms of divulgation and ease of forging relationships. Moved by a strong emotional drive, linked by a boundless passion for Bass fishing, I decided to create a page completely dedicated to this sport, with the aim of becoming part of the global community of enthusiasts and following exclusively profiles of the sector (professionals and brands). The basic idea was to bring unique, unobtainable content that would bring prestige to Bass Fishing at an Italian and international level. Not only that, the idea was also to never get bored whenever I opened those applications on my phone. Create a sort of digital paradise where you decide who, why and above all what to appreciate, who to follow, how to give your contribution in the best way. The page mirrored my fishing activities, I would use it to share catches, lures, tackle and some of the best lakes/spots. But as already mentioned, the main idea was to bring unique content, with good taste and easy to interpret at the same time. Yes, but how? Well I used to search the web for advice/tips, approaches to Bass fishing but unfortunately the material I found was lump sum, poorly maintained, of little prestige here. From there I had the idea of ​​capitalizing on my little experience, combined with the study of the material that I slowly put together, to create unique digital content. In the first year of activity I started by proposing themed illustrations dedicated to the various rigs used in bass fishing. Illustrations that I continue to develop and publish even today, given the strong interest shown by the community. The colors used since the beginning are the same ones that distinguish the gdalbass brand today. The forest green that recalls the color of the bass, of the grass, of the trees, of the concept of green in the broadest sense. The second color, well, now you'll laugh, was designed to get as close as possible to the light sand color of the mud. I call it quarry mud, the classic color of the bottom of hill quarries, it gives me incredible sensations, it takes me back to my childhood and to the first Bass caught in the provinces. The idea is enjoying great success, both in Italy and abroad, especially from overseas fishermen. Well what can I say, I was very happy because I had basically found a way to contribute to giving prestige to Bass Fishing, a genuine way, undemanding and positively recognized by all the followers. The first year also represented an evolution from a technical point of view, in fishing. I basically went over all the spots I fished as a kid and got amazing results. Not only that, I discovered new spots in Lazio and made new friends. I continued to bring innovative content trying to take care of every detail Numerous contacts with overseas fishermen have brought my page to about 1000 followers, an unexpected result since it was only and exclusively about Bass Fishing. Already after a year of blogger activity, I understood that something more than just a page was being born: a brand. Yes, one of those brands that sooner or later will be noticed, appreciated, and I was sure of it in my heart.

gdalbass 1 year anniversary

2018 - 2019

The "second season" was characterized by two high-profile milestones: the birth of the fishing guide booking service, later renamed to "gdalbass Bass Fishing Experience" and last but not least, the birth of the current logo, the same one you can see in the picture beside. The year starts in the best way. I am contacted by a follower from Las Vegas, Spencer, a fisherman who participates in several tournaments in California. He contacts me asking me to help him find a fishing guide near Rome, as he intends to come on vacation with his family here in Italy and would like to spend a few hours in the water to catch our Bass. With a little effort I try to get in touch with the professionals in the area in order to find an excellent fishing guide in order to please Spencer. The result is an almost perfect organization that leads Spencer to fish awesome fish in the nearby River Tiber (FLW Italy tournament field) thanks also to a fantastic guide I met for the occasion. Well, what can I say, seeing a fisherman from overseas, happy and satisfied with fishing our Bass, ignited something inside me, triggered a spring in me. From there I thought I wanted to give these emotions to tourists from all over the world who, for one reason or another, wanted to spend quality days in the water to fish our specimens. Furthermore, from this experience I have learned to appreciate our huge potential in terms of the presence of largemouth bass. I began to think of Bass as a good to be preserved, a bit like Pizza and extra virgin olive oil. Here, one of the most important ideas of the brand was born from here, which have characterized us for five years now in Italy. Create a fishing guide booking service. Service that takes care of attracting the tourist, defining the details and the request and directing him in the best way towards a professional fishing guide who can make him fish in the best spot (based on the period) and with the best equipment. The service turned out to be one of a kind, well structured and functional! During 2019 up to today, the service has helped over 60 fishermen from all over the world to fish for Bass in our basins, leading to a direct and indirect enhancement of what Bass Fishing represents in Italy. I'm really proud of the work we're doing to keep the service alive. Clearly throughout the year I continue to fish a lot, both on weekends and on long summer evenings. I alternate the commercials between the province of Rome and that of Pescara. Thanks to the knowledge of a Roman fisherman (Emanuele), who will later become one of my best friends, I manage to discover previously unknown spots. With Emanuele we spent incredible, unforgettable fishing evenings. And then, ironically: Emanuele is the name of my cousin, if not of the person who directed me to bass fishing since I was a child. About 10 years later, I know another Emanuele with whom I would spend the following years looking for the spots and the biggest fish in the province of Rome. Incredible :)

gdalbass 2 years anniversary

2019 - 2020

In continuity with what has already been done in previous seasons, in 2019 I continue to fish a lot, consolidating my favorite techniques and broadening my horizons by experimenting with new fishing techniques. I have also tried to bring increasingly innovative and unique content, both through photos and videos but above all through illustrations. The artworks proposed, in this period, completed the series relating to the rigs (Free Rig, Umbrella Rig, Tokyo Rig etc) and introduced a new series of illustrations called Basics (e.g. Basics: Softbait) in which I illustrated the different types of products for each category. Meanwhile, the page was beginning to be appreciated by an increasingly large audience of people. I knew more and more fishermen in the area, who undoubtedly contributed to increasing my knowledge in the technical field but above all in relation to new fishing spots.

gdalbass 3 years anniversary

2020 - 2021

The 2020-2021 season was very special. Covid-19 has taken over, revolutionizing our lives. The most important milestone of these two years was undoubtedly the beginning of the research and development of our tungsten weights. Well yes, I took advantage of this highly limiting time window from the point of view of outdoor activities, to work on a very ambitious project, which would later transform the brand into a real brand of fishing products. But let's take a step back, at the beginning of 2020 our lives were deeply affected by the covid emergency, which in some cases even ripped some of our loved ones away from us. Clearly the general sentiment was not the best, but fortunately we fishermen were able to exploit the local spots and fish, albeit with some limitations. The page's projects, albeit with some setbacks, continued to move forward. Clearly tourism has stopped, and with it, also the multitude of fishermen interested in using our fishing guide service. With the enormous amount of time available, locked up at home, I was able to continue the series of illustrations Rigs and Basics. Not only that, this time was useful for understanding the future of the brand, and above all it was useful for preparing for the next season, in which I would have promised myself to raise the level of fishing by buying my first vessel, a Kayak, very particular, with electric motor. I was literally getting ready to dream of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow made of outdoor activities and zero limitations, perhaps without that damn Covid around the corner.

gdalbass 4 years anniversary

2021 - 2022

The 2021 season starts in the best possible way with an almost total return to normal post-Covid-19 life. It's the year of Kayak fishing in which I'm going to improve equipment, techniques and approaches to Bass fishing. Fishing from a boat leads me to catch many more fish but above all to discover new spots. It's a start "with a bang", which also gives me the personal best on a completely unknown lake. In the meantime, I buy my first Go Pro, a Hero 7, which will bring higher quality content to the page. In the summer of 2021, the field test of the new tungsten weights continues with great strides, which will then be placed on the market at the beginning of 2022. The series of illustrations Rigs and Basics continues and finally tourism starts again and therefore the organization of various fishing guides through the "gdalbass Bass Fishing Experience" service. Service that will then also be brought to Google starting to collect reviews of old and new customers. Well what can I say, a season of rebirth from all points of view. 2022 begins with the opening of the first online shop, on Etsy, and from then on the sale of tungsten weights officially begins. Products that don't take long to be recognized as top of the range on the market. Feedback comes both from historical followers of the page and from new customers interested in the offer.

gdalbass 5 years anniversary

2022 - 2023

The two-year period 2022-2023 represent very important milestones for the brand and beyond. It is the season in which gdalbass turns into a real company called gdalbass International. Not only that, it is the biennium of the birth of a new series of illustrations called Finest Series. This season I am also going to improve the fishing equipment by perfecting the rods/reels in order to optimize the efficiency of almost all Bass fishing techniques to the maximum. It's boat fishing season, but first things first. Summer 2022 continues in the best possible way with the physiological progress of all the projects started in previous years. One of the most important innovations is represented by the first boat trips. Thanks to the electric motor purchased the previous year, I can rent small boats and fully appreciate the so-called "boat fishing". Fishing trips increase in quality, comfort increases and with it a greater number of catches. Clearly I alternated between kayak and boat fishing. At the same time I have carried on the series of illustrations Rigs and Basics and since 2023 a very interesting news has come out in this respect: The new Finest series. With this new series I'm going to create two collections. The first concerns the main Italian lakes on which to practice Bass fishing, the second concerns the rigs, this time slightly revised and enriched with some historical references. The new Finest series will then be available in mid-2023 also on canvas print. A project that I carry on with great passion even today. But the most important milestone of these two years is the birth of the company "gdalbass International". Well yes, the great success achieved with the sale of tungsten weights leads me to take matters into my own hands and officially open the business. The first step was to move the shop from Etsy to my site This has allowed me to have greater control both from a commercial and managerial point of view and, last but not least, to increase efficiency towards customers both in terms of processes and shipments. A big step, the result of a huge commitment and an infinite passion for this sport. gdalbass International was founded in Rome, on April 14, 2023, to continue to offer the Italian fishing market products of the highest quality, at a low cost but above all in a green key. Attention to the environment is one of the cardinal principles of the brand. But the company aims to offer unique products. Canvas prints, for example, represent a high-relief exclusive. We are confident that our customers will gradually appreciate this artistic initiative. In summer 2023, the offer is further expanded with the release of a series of Hooks completely dedicated to Bass fishing. Hooks tested during the previous seasons, the result of a very limited selection carried out together with the best European suppliers. 2023 also represents the year of the first sponsorships that the company holds with the most sparkling realities of the Italian competitive Bass Fishing scene. Given the premises, we will continue to give our best to pursue our objectives over the next two years. The company is already working on big news, which will be unveiled over the course of these months. If you've come this far with reading, well thank you from all of my heart.

gdalbass 6 years anniversary
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