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First Name: Gianpiero

Last Name: D'Alberto

Date of Birth: May 27, 1990

City of Birth: Pescara (Italy)

Height: 5,8 in (174cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (72kg)

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Salesforce Architect 

Favorite Techniques: Top Water, Bait Finesse, Pitching

Favorite Lakes: Lake Nemi, Lake Albano, Lake Casamarte

Favorite Anglers: Brandon Palaniuk, Gerald Swindle, Luca Quintavalla, Mike Iaconelli

Hobbies: Motors, Soccer, Tech

About Me...


As a child, I've always had a strong attraction to freshwater basins: rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. The passion for fishing was born in the late 90s when I started fishing following my brother in his chub fishing sessions in a small local river, in the province of Pescara.
I still remember my first rod, a telescopic Silstar.



The 2000s were unforgettable, intense, exciting and above all crucial for my mindset as a fisherman. It was, without a doubt, the decade in which I spent the most hours fishing ever; helped also by the tender age and the almost total absence of important commitments, in addition to school and some occasional work. At the beginning of the 2000s, at about 12 years of age, my fishing buddies were my cousin Emanuele (to whom I owe a lot) and some childhood friends. I started with coarse fishing to target small cyprinids in the many quarries and ponds of the Pescara hills, and then moved on to the classic bottom fishing to target larger carp and catfish. Types of fishing that I have pursued throughout the decade, in the milder seasons. As the warmer months went by, every winter was represented by trout fishing in small lakes/reserves in the Pescara area. Lake trout fishing that I practiced initially with float (peacock feather) and later with spinning with the use of spoons and waders. I have occasionally practiced the tremarella technique with the use of small slides. From here I learned the first lessons. Coarse fishing has taught me to seize the moment, to be precise, lucid and methodical in choosing lines, weights and correct baiting. Bottom fishing has taught me to keep up with important specimens and to be aware in choosing the bait, the hooks, the cast and the spot in which to cast. Trout fishing has excited me a lot since the first catches and above all it has opened me up to the world of spinning. In the mid-2000s I began to understand that I preferred spinning fishing above all. The real problem was that I was only able to practice it in the colder months. Close to the spring of 2005, thanks to my cousin Emanuele, I finally discovered the existence of Bass in the quarries of the area. It was love right from the first catch, not only for the predator's extreme combativeness, but for having discovered that he can practice spinning even in the warmer months! Well, the discovery of largemouth bass has revolutionized the way I spend my free time. In the same year, thanks to the use of my fantastic Piaggio Zip 50 scooter, I was able to fish for largemouth bass in the vast majority of quarries and ponds in the area. It was a perfect combination, independence from the point of view of mobility and the discovery of a new fishing that changed my habits forever. From there I never stopped catching Bass everywhere. I spent my first years of bass fishing mainly looking for new spots, rather than skill up the basic technique. Initially I fished Bass exclusively with spoons and inline spinners and immediately after I started using the first soft worms, texas rigged. After caught bass in almost all the lakes/quarries in the area, I realized that I had an important potential available, the Largemouth Bass lives everywhere, it was only necessary to look for the key to catch the big ones and study their habits. From there, I began to skill up the fishing techniques and to diversify the presentations in the water, going to expand the bait park, thanks also to the knowledge of fishermen in the area with the same passion as me. From moped rides to buy new bait, to endless days of fishing that went from sunrise to sunset, I can safely say that I have had an extraordinary few years. Like all fishermen, we spent the weekends competing to see who could catch the biggest Bass and with the most crazy bait, without ever taking ourselves too seriously, with a few jokes here and there filling indelible adventures. In the same years, there was the boom of fast internet, and I took the opportunity to increase my culture in relation to Bass fishing. Initially there was poor material available on the web, but fortunately I discovered Luca Quintavalla's contents which gave me the opportunity to draw on precious material. Luca has been a beacon for me, but more generally for our generation. His content, his strong passion, continued to feed the quality of our fishing sessions and to increase our emotions. Furthermore, Luca has always been available to provide advice and answer questions, even in private. I would like to publicly thank Luca for what he has given and continues to give for the development of this sport in Italy and around the world.

2010 - 2016

The first years of the 2010s were very challenging as they saw the increase in responsibilities and commitments both from a university and working point of view. Clearly, the less free time available kept me away from fishing and contact with nature for a while. However, they were golden years from a human and cultural point of view. First of all, I managed to create a stable position from a professional and working point of view and subsequently to fully embrace my main passion which is that of Bass fishing. In 2012 I take an important step, I decide to make a change in my career as an IT consultant, moving to the capital, Rome. Well, the first period in the big city wasn't the easiest, but it gave me a lot from a mental and human point of view. In the workplace I grew up very quickly, driven by a strong passion and pleasant relationships with colleagues. I felt I made the right choice after just a few months. Shortly thereafter, over the years, I finally reached a stable balance again which allowed me to recharge my batteries and start over with my greatest passion. Aware of the fact that the place where I lived was not the same as always, I had to practically start over in the research of the spots and in the study of the reservoirs in the area. Rome, and more generally, the province of Rome, is profoundly different from the provincial reality of Pescara. Pescara is dotted with small lakes and quarries, while Rome and its province lack vacant places or, more generally, locally accessible spots. So, initially I started fishing for Bass in the small paid reserves of the area, just to regain confidence with this fishing and rekindle the flame. As the months went by, it didn't take me long to realize that I had an even more important potential in my hands than what I had in Abruzzo: the great volcanic lakes. Well yes, Rome is practically at the center of a chain of volcanic lakes that starts from Lake Bolsena to the north, and ends in Lake Giulianello to the south. Gradually I abandoned the spasmodic search for free quarries in the provinces of Lazio and began to tackle the great lakes head-on, especially Albano and Nemi. The way of fishing, the way of approaching bass fishing, in these places, is profoundly different from what has already been done so far. I must say that at the beginning I had some difficulty in achieving important results, readjusting my technique to better undermine the Bass in these lakes with crystal clear water and with fewer points of reference. After a few outings I started to find the key, increasing my experience, and slowly I found that awareness, that passion of the past, which immediately rekindled the flame. See it as a second love here, a love, this time, aware, mature, full of emotions and literally infinite, with a tenfold potential from the point of view of the spots, and the knowledge of new fishermen in the area. At the end of 2016 I couldn't wait to better face the season that was about to arrive: that of 2017.



The year 2017 was characterized by two very important milestones. The beginning of baitcasting fishing and the creation of the "gdalbass" instagram page from which it all started. Driven by the strong motivations deriving from the previous year, I begin to specialize and focus exclusively on Bass fishing. In the spring of the same year I bought my first baitcasting combo which would radically change my approach to the discipline. I spend the weekends between Rome and Pescara, retracing the main spots and places I frequented as a child. On May 8, 2017 I decided to open an Instagram page completely dedicated to Bass fishing, I call it "gdalbass". G stands for the initial of my name, DAL stands for the first three letters of my last name, followed by BASS. Where did the idea come from? Find out directly on our page dedicated to the Brand History, by clicking on the button below.

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